10 Travel Tips for Sri Lanka

If you’re planning a visit to Sri Lanka, you’ll be happy to know that while it can be a little chaotic and overcrowded, it is relatively easy to navigate as English is widely spoken.

There are, however, a few tips you should keep in mind during your visit so that you keep yourself safe and don’t overspend, which can unfortunately happen to those who are unsuspecting.

Tip #1

Don’t drink the water – take a reusable water bottle with a purifier. It’s very hot, so you’ll find yourself needing to drink a lot of water and you want to be safe to avoid getting sick.

Tip #2

Choose the local food options over Western food; it’s very cheap and very good, plus you’ll get to taste many incredible local dishes.

Tip #3

Sri Lanka does not really have a huge drinking or nightlife culture, so don’t expect this to be a party trip as nightlife options are very limited.

Tip #4

You can hire a tuk-tuk for around $20USD per day, and they’re one of the cheaper, and convenient, ways to get around.

Tip #5

The cheapest way to get to the airport is the airport bus, which only costs 30 rupees ($0.20USD).

Tip #6

Where possible, use the train as opposed to hiring a car service. It’s the cheapest mode of transport and a great way to see the countryside. It’s recommended that you book the train in advance as tickets can’t be booked in person at the station less than four days before departure.

Tip #7

When visiting Sigiriya, arrive for the opening time of 8am to avoid lines and crowds. Any later and you’ll likely not have a great experience due to the large numbers of people.

Tip #8

All of the temples require you to remove your socks and shoes even if they are outdoors, so be prepared to do so even if you may not see any signs.

Tip #9

If you are planning on staying in hostels, note that while cheap, they are very basic so don’t go in with high expectations.

Tip #10

Don’t overspend on accommodation as there are many cheap options. Breakfast with a private room and air conditioning will only cost you around $15USD.

Sri Lanka is a wonderful and vibrant place to visit, and with these tips in mind you’ll have a fantastic time without blowing your budget unnecessarily.

4 Reasons to Love Music


Many of us have always loved listening to music. We enjoy the sounds we hear and certain music can take us to places or allow us to relive memories associated with it. Music has the power to make the sad happy and the lost to be found. There are many reasons to love music. 


Exposure to music helps in creating an outlet for mental, emotional, and educational purposes. These are even more reasons to love music:


Music is Therapeutic


We listen to different types of music and each of them has a different effect on us. When we listen to the music we like, we get calmer and our nerves are soothed. There is something about music that connects to us mentally and emotionally. With the right kind to listen to, we are relieved. 


Music Helps Memory Improvement


Music can help you improve your memory in more ways than you can imagine. Musical memory lasts longer. Take the case of kids trying to memorize parts of the body. They remember better when body parts are used in a song. By merely listening to music, your memory benefits and it gets easier to remember word sounds and their meanings. 


Music Boosts Creativity


Expressing yourself in music brings out the creativity in you. When you create or listen to music, it awakens a part of you that you never thought was there before. Music is freedom and music cultivates passion in arts. 


Music Develops Social Skills


Music connects people in different ways. Music helps you get connected with others. When you know the same music, it’s kind of like also knowing a person who shares the song with you. It is easier to build rapport with people when you know you have something in common. And in many ways, music can give you that skill to relate to others. 


Music is an undeniable part of human life. Young or old, people benefit from music. Music gives the power to make people happier and more interconnected. We need music more than we love it. 


If you want more information about music, please visit [LINK].

Great Things To See And Do In The Land Down Under

Australia – the place where you can find great beaches, beautiful water parks, enormous national parks, and epic road trips. And, let us not leave out the kangaroos! Truly, the list of great things to see and do in the land Down Under is endless.

Blue Mountains

A trip to the Blue Mountains is a perfect location for nature travellers. Just an hour and 50 minutes from Sydney, depending on your travel time frame, is a great weekend getaway. The place offers walks of different difficulty and at the same time offers great views of the Wentworth Falls. Then, head to the main event, The Three Sisters, which contain famous rock formations, perfect for that picturesque postcard place.


Sydney has it all. This largest city in Australia is filled with beautiful beaches, great food and fun activities. To enjoy your stay in the city, take a relaxing stroll at the beach. An amazing beach walk that you can do is by walking from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. The walk offers great views of the areas popular rocky beaches.

Another popular place in Sydney that you can enjoy is by going to Sydney Tower. For those who love to get up high and see the cities above, this is a great place to visit. At 268 metres high, you are certain that your heart will pump from excitement. And, to complete your tour in the city of Sydney, make sure to enjoy its food. Try the What The Fudge Café and have a deep fried Golden Gaytime ice cream.

Some Of The Best Places To Add In Your Bucket List

Having a bucket list of places you want to go and eat is a great way to plan ahead. But of course, you need to start travelling and complete your list in the process. If you are thinking of places to add on your bucket list to visit soon, here are some of our best:

A tea in London

The afternoon is a very common thing in London and you can also have one in one of the many wonderful venues throughout the city. You can even have one as you ride a vintage double-decker tour bus while seeing the most popular sights.

Eat waffle in Belgium

If you love waffle, then there is no better place to eat it than in Belgium. Nearly every street corner in cities such as Antwerp, Bruges and Brussels have waffle that is why it is known as waffle country. You can have it served the traditional way or have it whipped cream and strawberries or chocolate syrup.

Go to Germany for a real taste of beer

Brewing of beer started as far back as 800 BC when the monks in Germany brewed them. During the 15th century, Germany was already exporting to Holland, England and Scandinavia as they already have more than 600 breweries. The Reinheitsgebot or Purity Law was enacted in 1516 to ensure that German beer will only ever be brewed with barley, hops and water, and without the use of any additives. To this day, this law still remains and is considered the oldest food regulation in the world.

Travelling To Japan – Here’s What You Can Do In The Country

Japan is rich not just in high technology but also in culture and tradition. For centuries, Japan has perfectly merged the two and is enjoying the benefits of a rich culture blended in rich technology advancement. If you are travelling to Japan anytime soon and don’t know what you can do in the country, here are our top choices to help you plan the perfect trip.

Join the Japanese Matsuri

The Japanese matsuri (festival) is where you will find Japan at its liveliest. If you want to see the country’s tradition, culture and exuberance then attend one of the festivals and see for yourself. The festivals themselves differ but often involved spirited processions of colourfully attired participants where dancing and chanting are common. During the festivals, you will also get to try the different food lined up on stalls where you will be able to eat different kinds of seasonal Japanese food.

Visit the Japanese Market

Have a local expert with you and visit the Japanese market. You can visit Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market, Kyoto’s Nishiki Market, or just go to a neighbourhood grocery store and have your local help explain to you where they get their amazing cuisine.

Together with learning the different ingredients they use for most of their specialty, your culinary guide will also help you find the best places on where to eat out.

Visit the Biggest Park in Tokyo

Ueno Park is considered the biggest park in Tokyo and where a number of attractive facilities are placed such as museums, a zoo, rich nature, and historical monuments. You can easily spend a whole day at the park with your children and visit Ameyoko street afterwards.