Great Things To See And Do In The Land Down Under

Australia – the place where you can find great beaches, beautiful water parks, enormous national parks, and epic road trips. And, let us not leave out the kangaroos! Truly, the list of great things to see and do in the land Down Under is endless.

Blue Mountains

A trip to the Blue Mountains is a perfect location for nature travellers. Just an hour and 50 minutes from Sydney, depending on your travel time frame, is a great weekend getaway. The place offers walks of different difficulty and at the same time offers great views of the Wentworth Falls. Then, head to the main event, The Three Sisters, which contain famous rock formations, perfect for that picturesque postcard place.


Sydney has it all. This largest city in Australia is filled with beautiful beaches, great food and fun activities. To enjoy your stay in the city, take a relaxing stroll at the beach. An amazing beach walk that you can do is by walking from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. The walk offers great views of the areas popular rocky beaches.

Another popular place in Sydney that you can enjoy is by going to Sydney Tower. For those who love to get up high and see the cities above, this is a great place to visit. At 268 metres high, you are certain that your heart will pump from excitement. And, to complete your tour in the city of Sydney, make sure to enjoy its food. Try the What The Fudge Café and have a deep fried Golden Gaytime ice cream.

Some Of The Best Places To Add In Your Bucket List

Having a bucket list of places you want to go and eat is a great way to plan ahead. But of course, you need to start travelling and complete your list in the process. If you are thinking of places to add on your bucket list to visit soon, here are some of our best:

A tea in London

The afternoon is a very common thing in London and you can also have one in one of the many wonderful venues throughout the city. You can even have one as you ride a vintage double-decker tour bus while seeing the most popular sights.

Eat waffle in Belgium

If you love waffle, then there is no better place to eat it than in Belgium. Nearly every street corner in cities such as Antwerp, Bruges and Brussels have waffle that is why it is known as waffle country. You can have it served the traditional way or have it whipped cream and strawberries or chocolate syrup.

Go to Germany for a real taste of beer

Brewing of beer started as far back as 800 BC when the monks in Germany brewed them. During the 15th century, Germany was already exporting to Holland, England and Scandinavia as they already have more than 600 breweries. The Reinheitsgebot or Purity Law was enacted in 1516 to ensure that German beer will only ever be brewed with barley, hops and water, and without the use of any additives. To this day, this law still remains and is considered the oldest food regulation in the world.